Co-Rec Volleyball

With competitive and recreational volleyball leagues forming in the spring, summer, and fall, adults and kids of any age group can join a team. Sign up with us today and spike the competition.

Co-Rec Volleyball

For men and women 16 years and older. This is a strictly recreational program. Matches are played on Monday evenings at Memorial Hall. 

There are two seasons of co-rec volleyball. The Spring season begins in mid February and runs through the end of March. The Fall season starts in mid September and runs through the end of October. 

Team entries are accepted for the Spring season from mid January to the first part of February. Team entries for the Fall season are accepted from mid August till the first part of September.

Fall League Volleyball

This is a league for girls in grades 5 – 6.

Matches are played on Saturday mornings in October. Matches with be officiated, standing will be kept, and awards will be given at the end of the season.

Summer League Volleyball

This is a competitive league for girls in grades 5 – 11. There are two divisions of play:

  • Grades 5-7
  • Grades 8-11

Matches are played in the evenings starting the first week of June and finalizing in late July. Officials with high school experience work the matches. Team entries are accepted starting in late March.